At Alvistur Studio, we operate with the belief that woodworking is not just about making furniture and cabinetry but that the entire process of turning a vision or a sketch into reality has an inherent value beyond the selling price.  It is our intention to give each customer a window into this process so that the finished product represents more than just the assemblage of fibers and finish taking up physical space.  With subtle details, clean designs and construction methods to last generations, an Alvistur piece has a life of it's own and will add vitality to your living space.  Our simple value-added business model means we combine raw material with our experience, labor and integrity to create your vision in three dimensions.  It is an age-old approach toward a livelihood but it works because sometimes the whole is greater than the sum of the parts; when the intangible aspects of knowledge and design meets the singular quality of a handcrafted object.

We are interested in hearing your project ideas large or small.  By utilizing a step-by-step process of discovery, design, production and delivery/installation we give you as much control as you desire over the finished work.  It is our sincere hope that when all is said and done you will want to return to us with your next idea for a project.  That is, afterall, the ultimate compliment of a job well done.